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Founders Provided Visionary Leadership

mhca was founded in 1985, when 19 CEOs of community mental health centers met in Orlando, Florida, for the purpose of forming the Mental Health Corporations of America, Inc.  (MHCA).  These individuals dared to dream big, and they believed that together they could provide an entrepreneurial environment that would foster delivery of innovative, effective and efficient behavioral healthcare services. The work that was being done at the time was good. A long line of devoted and talented people had provided compassionate care to mentally ill clients for years. But mhca's Founders thought they could do better. The national political and economic conditions were ripe for change. The earliest leaders of mhca invested their time, applied their abilities and devoted their very careers to elevating behavioral healthcare to its highest potential. We are indebted to their leadership, aware of their legacy and grateful for the path they paved so that communities across the country could access the best possible care for those who deserve no less.
From our original 19 members, mhca has grown to a membership of 140-150 and continues to expand, always by invitation to ensure that the most progressive companies are included in our membership.

David E. Dangerfield DSW
Valley Mental Health
Salt Lake City, Utah

Morris L. Eaddy PhD
Lakeview Center *
Pensacola, Florida

Ronald P. Kirkland
Apalachee Center
Tallahassee, Florida

John F. McCarthy
Center for Life Management
Derry, New Hampshire

Ron Meserve
David Lawrence MHC *
Naples, Florida

Larry Nikkel
Prairie View
Newton, Kansas

Bob Quam
Human Resources Center
Daytona Beach, Florida

Philip J. Spottswood PhD MDiv
Mental Health Resource Center
Jacksonville, Florida

Douglas L. Starr PhD **
North Central Florida CMHC *
Gainesville, Florida

Randy C. Stith PhD
Aurora Community MH *
Aurora, Colorado

John Van Camp
Southwest Detroit CMHC
Detroit, Michigan

Charles J. Vorwaller MSW **
Pikes Peak CMHC *
Pikes Peak, Colorado

Jeanne H. Wurmser PhD **

Children's Psychiatric Center *
Eatontown, New Jersey

Not Pictured

  • John Flor ** 
    DeDe Wallace Center *
    Nashville, Tennessee

  • Dick Hruska ** 
    Golden Triangle CMHC *  
    Great Falls, Montana

  • Ed Lakeman
    Mobile Mental Health Center *
    Mobile, Alabama

  • Robert Lehman
    Lower Naugatuck Valley CMHC
    Ansonia, Connecticut

  • Dale Peterson
    Weld CMHC
    Greeley, Colorado

  • James Small
    South Community CMHC
    Dayton, Ohio


*   =  Organization or Successor Organization still an Active Member

**  = In Memoriam

About Us

mhca is a results-oriented organization that operates in a fast, flexible, and focused mode. We take pride in the purposeful and productive involvement and participation of our members. Because mhca is composed of members who share common visions and priorities, we are able to quickly determine our objectives, commit the necessary resources, and accomplish our goals.

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