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Most Innovative Member Award Winners - 2022

The following organizations and presenters earned the Most Innovative Member Award for 2022:

 Organization Presentation Presenters
 Mind Springs Health Logo


* Video
* Slides
  • Michelle Hoy, Executive VP
  • Kathy Capps, Director of Operations


Coordinating Strategic Responses
to Save Lives & Communities

* Video 
* Slides 
  • Katlyn Monje, Director of SACASA & Addiction Outreach Services
  • Daniel Barden, Vice President of Clinical Services
  • Kristine Welter Hall, Sr VP of Marketing & Business Development

Aurora Health Logo 

Jefferson Center Logo 

Mental Health Partners Logo 

Diversus Health Logo 

AllHealth Logo

Prepared for the Unexpected - Lessons Learned
over the Decades from Colorado’s Community Crisis Response

* Video
* Slides
  • Kelly Phillips-Henry, CEO, Aurora Mental Health Center
  • Kiara Kuenzler, CEO, Jefferson Center for Mental Health
  • Kirsten Anderson, Chief Clinical Officer, Aurora Mental Health Center
  • Jen Leosz, Co-CEO, Mental Health Partners
  • Katie Blickenderfer, Chief Clinical Officer, Diversus Health
  • Evan Forster, Clinical Team Lead - STEM Center for Strength, AllHealth Network

Copa Health Logo 

Stronger Together - A Provider Approach to Integrated Care

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  • Shar Najafi-Piper, CEO

Polara Health Logo 
Aurora Health Logo 

Research & Case Studies -
Expanding Access and Improving Clinical Outcomes
with Measurement-Based Care

* Video
* Slides
  • Tamara Player, CEO, Polara Health
  • Kathie Snell, Chief Strategy & Operations Officer, Aurora Mental Health Center


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