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  CARF 500x500 cr  

CARF is an international, nonprofit accreditor of human service providers and networks. A provider earns accreditation by demonstrating conformance to CARF’s internationally recognized standards in areas that span the continuum of life. More than 8.7 million persons of all ages are served annually in CARF-accredited programs.

Contact:  Michael Johnson, Managing Director - Behavioral Health
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(520) 325-1044
Health Information Technology
  CoreSolutions 500x500 cr  

Core Solutions offers a single, integrated Behavioral Health EHR platform, Core Cx360, that enables behavioral health provider organizations and HHS agencies to increase access, reduce costs and improve outcomes. Specifically designed to address the evolving needs of organizations who provide mental health, substance abuse and development disabilities services.


Credible Behavioral Health Software's CCHIT Complete EHR-Certified software provides a fully integrated clinical, e-prescribing, scheduling, billing, form management, advanced search, mobile, and management reporting functionality.


DATIS provides a unified HR and Payroll software solution that empowers Health and Human Services organizations to achieve their mission. DATIS connects employees, aligns departments, and transforms organizations by uniting all aspects of workforce management within a single platform that includes Payroll, Timekeeping, Recruiting, Benefits, Talent Management, Analytics, and more.


Erik Marsh, President & CEO
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(813) 505-5989

  Genoa 500x500 cr  

Genoa Telepsychiatry - a part of Genoa Healthcare - is the nation's largest outpatient telepsychiatry provider, focused on increasing access to care for underserved populations. A partner to CMHCs, Genoa's team of 200+ psychiatrists and nurse practitioners in all 50 states support over 100,000 patients per year in underserved settings.

  HealthEC 500x500 cr  

HealthEC is a full-service population health management firm with expertise in value-based care strategies, operations, outcomes measurement, provider performance monitoring, and member management. The company delivers innovative data aggregation and analysis solutions and is dedicated to improving behavioral health outcomes with a holistic, 360-degree view of patient care.

Contact: Marvin Cobern, VP of Business Development
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(615) 975-9002

  IrisTelehealth 500x500 cr   

Iris Telehealth’s mission is to provide under-served communities with access to the best mental health care possible.  Our primary service is to provide initial evaluations and ongoing medication management to your community with a consistent psychiatrist or nurse practitioner via telepsychiatry.

Contact: Tarik Shaheen MD, Psychiatrist & Founder
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(434) 465-1535

  Netsmart 500x500 cr  

Netsmart innovates EHR’s, solutions and services that are powerful and easy-to-use. Our platform provides accurate, updated information which is easily accessible to care team members. We make the complex simple and personalized so our clients can concentrate on what they do best: provide much needed services and treatment that support whole-person care.

  OwlInsights 500x500 cr  

Owl Insights is a user-friendly, cloud-based outcomes and analytics software platform that simplifies the implementation of measurement-based care. Our solution integrates with most EHRs while optimizing clinical and financial outcomes in behavioral health. We streamline the deployment of MBC for clinicians, facilitate better care for patients and allow for meaningful insights for administrators.

  Qualifacts 500x500 cr   

Qualifacts is one of the leading technology providers of EHR for the behavioral health and human services market, serving more than 350 organizations and their 70,000 providers and staff. To ensure our customers’ success, our focus is on delivering the most comprehensive platform and exceptional customer experience for the next generation.

    Streamline Healthcare Solutions delivers web-based software that enables healthcare organizations to provide and coordinate all service delivery processes. SmartCare™, our web-based enterprise application, is built for the delivery, management and coordination of healthcare services of all types and is Meaningful Use certified Stage 2 (2014) for Ambulatory and Inpatient services.


Ted Wright, VP of Sales & Marketing
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(312) 502-5622

  TenElevenLogo 500x500 cr  

TenEleven Group provides a Windows-based application for behavioral health and substance abuse clinics that allows providers to combine patient scheduling, bed management, electronic billing and reconciliation, electronic documentation and storage of the entire patient/clinician encounter (patient chart) in one easy-to-use software package.

  Vanguard 500x500 cr  

VRG (Vanguard Research Group) is a research consortium, started by Northwell Health, specializing in behavioral health research. Our mission is to connect real world treatment centers with the opportunity to participate in research. We work with sponsors and CROs to help succeed in their clinical trials by utilizing a highly dedicated network of sites with an active database of thousands of engaged clients. VRG staff has successfully managed behavioral health trials conducted at community mental health centers and academic centers across the United States. Our staff understands the institutions and their structures and how to successfully conduct trials in these settings.

Housing / Facilities Management
Insurance / Banking / M & A Consulting / Legal

MHRRG provides affordable, reliable professional liability, general liability, and directors and officers liability coverage designed to provide protection for the unique risks behavioral health providers face, all with the added benefits of stabilized premiums and protection against arbitrary cancellation.

Contact:  Marilyn Udis, Vice President
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(800) 845-1209


Negley Associates is the leading underwriting management firm in the US, serving the insurance needs of behavioral healthcare agencies and related Social Services. We bring together the “best in class” industry experts and provide you a broad array of coverage options specifically designed for behavioral healthcare clients.

Contact:  Marilyn Udis, Vice President
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(800) 845-1209

    LegacyBenefitsGrp 500x500 cr  

The Legacy Benefits Group is committed to providing your business with coverage options, benefits packages, and quality services that fit your company’s needs and goals. We’ll help you design a customizable package that offers optimal coverage for everyone at your company.

Contact:  J.P. Barta, President
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(502) 558-0857
Pharmacy & Pharmaceuticals
  Genoa 500x500 cr    
Dedicated to serving the needs of the behavioral health community, Genoa Healthcare is the largest behavioral healthcare pharmacy and outpatient Telepsychiatry provider in the United States. We serve the behavioral health and addiction treatment communities with full-service pharmacies, medication management and Telepsychiatry.


Mark Peterson, Chief Commercial Officer
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(651) 688-0258

    PharmBlue makes pharmacy access convenient and personal, while allowing for organizational efficiency with increased pharmacy support services. Our ‘In-Clinic’ pharmacy programs work for any size organization.
Professional Development / Consultants
The Martyn Family Foundation
is committed to using our resources to educate decision makers and influencers, raise awareness, and facilitate the connections and financial support that will encourage advancements and a higher quality of mental health care.

    Relias empowers clients across the continuum of care with analytics, assessments and learning solutions that help them reduce variation and deliver better patient, resident and client outcomes, and better financial results. Let us help you get better!

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  Genoa 500x500 cr


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