Customer Satisfaction Management System

The measurement of customer satisfaction is an important tool in evaluating your organization's performance and targeting your improvement efforts.  mhca offers customer satisfaction measurement services to both mhca members and non-member organizations.   We offer products to assess the satisfaction of your clients, your staff, and your referral sources.  Contact us for more information.

National Behavioral Health Customer Satisfaction Data

A valuable part of our service is the national database which contains over 10 years of customer satisfaction results from community behavioral health providers across the USA.    These national data are used for comparative reporting, trend analysis, and for recognizing organizations which attain the highest satisfaction levels each year in relevant categories.    Organizations are compared to others treating similar populations with similar services.  The identities of organizations and their individual survey results are confidential.

Satisfaction Data Designed to Target Improvement Opportunities

The mhca satisfaction surveys and reports are designed to pinpoint opportunities for improvement.  This is done by comparing your organization's performance to a national database of organizations serving similar clients and by reporting on individual actionable survey items in order of overall levels of satisfaction. Organizations which systematically use these data  for quality improvement projects target the items of lowest satisfaction and evaluate the effects of their interventions in subsequent administrations of the survey.



Types of Surveys

Client Satisfaction- A single survey designed to assess the satisfaction of behavioral health clients with their mental health or substance use treatment experience in an inpatient, outpatient, partial hospitalization, residential, emergency, or vocational services setting.

Staff Satisfaction - A standard survey customized to the structure of your organization to assess staff satisfaction with their experience as an employee, across 12 personal and organizational satisfaction dimensions.

Referral Source Satisfaction - A survey designed to assess the satisfaction of organizations with their experience of referring clients to you for services.


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