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  NOTE:    In-Person Conference only!  No Virtual Conference attendance will be offerered.

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2023 Winter Conference & Annual Meeting
Sponsors & Exhibitors

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Afia Health   Orientation Lunch Sponsor
Alera Health   Exhibitor
Blue & Co.   Exhibitor
Cantata Health Solutions   Exhibitor
CapGrow Partners   Exhibitor 
CARF International   WiFi Sponsor
Consulting for Human Services   Conference App Sponsor
ContinuumCloud   Exhibitor 
Eleos Health   Exhibitor
firsthand   Thursday Morning Break Sponsor
5e (Five Element) Analytics   Exhibitor
Genoa Healthcare   Wednesday Keynote & Afternoon Break Sponsor & Exhibitor
Genoa Telepsychiatry   Exhibitor
iCentrix Analytics   Exhibitor
INCITE Consulting Solutions   Professional Headshots Sponsor
Iris Telehealth   Exhibitor
Jeri Davis International   Take Note! and Charging Station Sponsor
Lyssn   Exhibitor
Martyn Family Foundation   Education Sponsor
MHRRG / Negley Associates   Innovation Incubator & Tuesday Evening Reception Sponsor & Exhibitor |
Moss Adams   Thursday Breakfast Sponsor
Netsmart   Exhibitor
NextGen Healthcare   Wednesday Reception Sponsor & Exhibitor
Next Wave Performance   Exhibitor
Owl   Networking Lunch Sponsor & Exhibitor
Patagonia Health   Exhibitor
Pondurance   Exhibitor
Pulse For Good   Exhibitor
Qualifacts   Exhibitor 
Scioto Properties   Exhibitor
Streamline Healthcare Solutions   Wednesday Breakfast Sponsor & Exhibitor
Talkable Communities   Exhibitor
The Meyers Group   Exhibitor
ZMark Health   Exhibitor

VideoSession green 150x150  IMPORTANT NOTICE:    Recorded Sessions  

  NOTE:    In-Person Conference only!  No Virtual Conference attendance will be offerered. 

Some sessions will be recorded and made available in the Conference Presentations documents library.
These sessions are denoted by the green icon at the right  >>>>>>>>

Tuesday, February 28

 1:30 - 4:30 pm EST (UTC-5)

 Innovation Incubator
 Sponsored by:  MHRRG & Negley Associates 

VideoSession green 150x150 Eat, Sleep, Innovate: How to Make Creativity an Everyday Habit Inside Your Organization

Presenter: Craig E. Deao MHA, Managing Director, of Huron

Our organizational cultures tend to prioritize today over tomorrow; continuity over disruption; execution over innovation. How do you make innovation as natural as eating and sleeping? Just  something you do; part of your organizational culture? This session presents a how-to manual for shaping the behaviors within your organization to produce the type of culture you desire. While  the focus of the session will be a culture of innovation, the same approach could foster cultures of engagement, safety, etc.

5:00 - 6:30 pm EST (UTC-5) 

 Welcome Reception
 Sponsored by:  MHRRG & Negley Associates

All attendees and their travel companions are invited to join us for drinks and hors d’oeuvres.

Wednesday, March 1

 7:30 - 8:30 am EST (UTC-5)

 Registration & Continental Breakfast
Sponsored by:  Streamline Healthcare Solutions

 8:30 - 9:30 am EST (UTC-5)

 Welcome & Annual Meeting

Curious about your association’s accomplishments and plans for the future? Join us as we review the past year, lay out our goals for 2023 and announce our new board members.

 9:30 - 10:00 am EST (UTC-5)

 Morning Break
 Sponsorship Available!  

 10:00 am - Noon EST (UTC-5)

 General Session
 Sponsored by:  Genoa Healthcare

VideoSession green 150x150 Ten Trends You Can’t Ignore - Behavioral Health Services & The Changing Health & Human Service Landscape

Presenter: Founder & CEO of OPEN MINDS Monica E. Oss MS

A combination of changing public policy, new legislation, new models for health plan service delivery, and new competition are changing how behavioral health services are delivered - and the  business models needed for growth and sustainability. In this session, join OPEN MINDS CEO Monica Oss for an update on the new market data that is reshaping the field -  and the emerging opportunities for specialty provider organizations.

 Noon - 1:30 pm EST (UTC-5)  

 Grab Lunch with a Few of Your mhca Peers

 Noon - 1:30 pm EST (UTC-5) 

 Orientation Lunch for New & Prospective mhca Member CEOs (by invitation only)
 Sponsored by:  Afia Health

1:30 - 3:00 pm EST (UTC-5)  

 Breakout Sessions 

VideoSession green 150x150 From Status “Quo” to Status “No”: Changing the Way We Healthcare

Presenters: Spectrum Healthcare Group President & CEO April Rhodes, VP of Business Development Sunshine Dean, VP of Information Systems Frank Gutierrez, and Project Strategist & Director of Anywhere Care Services Jessie Peters

Health and human service leaders can take a page out of the technology start-up playbook on how to innovate. Gone are the days when a service line required a fully-developed, year-long  implementation plan. In healthcare, we can take a safe and effective minimum viable service line to market. With that service, we can engage stakeholders and consumers in providing real time  feedback about success and opportunity for improvement. Finally, pivoting and adapting in real time to this feedback to ensure this service line is really delivering on the needs of our consumers. This  adaptation of the start-up model is what is needed to re-imagine what health and human services can be to really serve our communities.

VideoSession green 150x150 The Hidden Enemy: Tackling Organizational Blind Spots

Presenters:  James H. Stewart II MBA, CEO of Grafton Integrated Health Network; Dana Royse MBA, CFO of New Vista; Ron Slater, VP of IT Services and Cynthia Sikina, VP of Financial Services, of Afia Health.

A panel discussion on:

  • IT Security: Most organizations think they have IT security and infrastructure covered. What they don't know is that their blind spots are potentially causing security/compliance gaps, overspending, or issues that could harm the performance of their organization over time. Hear a first hand story from Jamie Stewart about how this affected Grafton and what they did to fix it.

  • Cash Flow: Predicting cash flow can be a daunting and elusive task, but it's essential in effectively managing a business. Learn how New Vista has worked to create visibility into projected cash flow by leveraging revenue cycle data.

 3:00 - 3:30 pm EST (UTC-5) 

 Afternoon Break
 Sponsored by:  Genoa Healthcare 

 3:30 - 5:00 pm EST (UTC-5)  

 Breakout Sessions

VideoSession green 150x150 Moving from Great Resignation to Great Retention: Tips, Tools, and Techniques

Presenters: INCITE Consulting Solutions CEO Kara Guerriero and Senior Consultant, Talent Optimization Tony Zipple, Red Rock Behavioral Health Services CEO Verna Foust

Behavioral health organizations flourish or fail on the quality of their staff … and it is increasingly difficult to find and keep good employees. Filling every spot in your organization with top talent  and keeping them fully engaged and highly productive is an executive’s most important task. Our workshop will help you create a great “people strategy” with priorities and make incremental  steps for measuring for success. We’ll show you how to hire better, engage staff, activate greater productivity, retain top talent, and support employee wellness.

VideoSession green 150x150 Talkable Communities

Presenters: Starting Point Behavioral Healthcare CEO Laureen Pagel, EPIC Behavioral Healthcare CEO Patti Greenough, Child Guidance Center CEO  Theresa Rulien, Clay Behavioral Health Center CEO Irene Toto

Hear the story of a collaborative partnership between 5 CEO’s who are creating a movement to address suicide prevention through the creation of Talkable Communities. This movement focuses  on building a community of wellness through 3 evidenced-based mental health awareness trainings. Follow their journey from idea to implementation.

 5:00 - 6:30 pm EST (UTC-5) 

 Sponsored by:  NextGen Healthcare

All attendees and their travel companions are invited to join us for a casual reception.

Thursday, March 2

 7:30 - 8:30 am EST (UTC-5) 

 Registration & Continental Breakfast
 Sponsored by:  Moss Adams

 8:30 - 10:00 am EST (UTC-5) 

 Innovation Expo
Sponsored by:  Martyn Family Foundation

VideoSession green 150x150 INNOVATION EXPO!

Join us for a series of TED-type talks on the innovative initiatives your peers are undertaking.


  1. IMPOWER:  "The Village". The Village, IMPOWER’s Transitional Housing Program, offers safe affordable housing combined with comprehensive wraparound supports for homeless and former foster youth between the ages of 18 – 24 years. Aimed at preventing homelessness and assisting young adults as they transition to adulthood, staff and community volunteers serve as a safety net and help youth to complete their education and enhance employment and independent living skills. Highly trained staff assist with employment skills, educational needs, substance abuse and prevention programs, mental health services and hands on life skills training.  Anna M. Kesic, President/CEO, and Isabel Velasquez MBA, Chief Financial Officer, of IMPOWER.

  2. Centerstone: "Stop Losing Sleep - Solutions for Ensuring Patient Safety on Inpatient Units". Centerstone has implemented new solutions to ensure patient safety in inpatient hospital and crisis stabilization unit settings. Attend this session to hear about those solutions and why they will help you and your team get more sleep. Melissa Larkin-Skinner MA MBA LMHC, Florida CEO, and Zarak Haider, Director of Nursing, of Centerstone.

  3. Meridian Behavioral Healthcare:  "Criminal Justice & Behavioral Health: Effective Diversion Strategies." This presentation will discuss mental health criminal justice diversion interventions, including specialty mental health courts and co-responder programs. It will also review program designs, benefits, lessons learned and outcome data. Lauren Cohn BA, EVP/COO, and Alan Paulin LCSW, Senior VP, Clinical & Community Services, of Meridian Behavioral Healthcare, Inc.

  4. Southwest Behavioral & Health Services: "Stepping Up: A Journey to Better Mental and Physical Health through InSHAPE®."  In this presentation, you will be inspired by the focus Southwest Behavioral & Health Services has placed on wellness beyond traditional mental health services. The InSHAPE® program incorporates physical activity, nutrition and community integration to enhance the lives of individuals served while improving overall health outcomes. Marcie Herzog, VP of Community Services, of Southwest Behavioral & Health Services.

 10:00 - 10:30 am EST (UTC-5)

 Morning Break
Sponsored by:  firsthand

 10:30 am - Noon EST (UTC-5) 

 General Session

VideoSession green 150x150 Transforming Information Into Action: Vendor Agnostic Data Aggregation, Data Management, and Analytics Best Practices to Achieve Greater Levels of Actionable Insight

Presenters: Javier Favela, VP - Solutions, Behavioral Health & Integrated Care, and Dany Dominguez MD, Sr Director - Solutions, Community Health Collaborative, of NextGen Healthcare

In this session, Javier Favela and Dr. Dany Dominguez from NextGen Healthcare will discuss how provider organizations are improving financial and operational decision-making as well as whole-person care outcomes through more comprehensive data aggregation and data management strategies and technology and adopting enhanced analytics. This session will cover best practices related to aggregating data from multiple sources, including population health data, applying analytics, and using the insights to take real-world actions that positively impact provider organizations and community outcomes.

 Noon - 1:15 pm EST (UTC-5)

 Networking Lunch
 Sponsored by:  Owl

 Noon - 1:30 pm EST (UTC-5)

 Grab Lunch with a Few of Your mhca Peers

 1:30 - 3:00 pm EST (UTC-5)

 General Session
Sponsored by:  Martyn Family Foundation

VideoSession green 150x150 Friend or Foe? A New Session of Congress and Behavioral Health

Presenter: National Council for Mental Wellbeing President & CEO Chuck Ingoglia

In this interactive session, Chuck will offer insight into the new power structure in Washington and what implications this will have on legislation related to Medicaid, workforce, substance use and mental health funding as well as issues like entitlement reform.

 3:00 - 3:30 pm EST (UTC-5) 

 Afternoon Break
Sponsorship Available!

 3:30 - 5:00 pm EST (UTC-5)

 Connect with Your Peers

Free Time

Time to connect with your mhca peers is the most valuable benefit of attending our conferences - take this time to gather with your friends old and new for some relaxation and conversation.

 3:30 - 5:00 pm EST (UTC-5)

mhca Board of Directors Meeting
Chair: Tuerk Schlesinger

 5:00 - 6:30 pm EST (UTC-5)  

 Closing Reception
Sponsorship Available! 

All attendees and their travel companions are invited to join us for drinks and hors d’oeuvres.

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