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Welcome to Bi-Weekly Bulletin, our twice-a-month Bulletin packed with Member News!  Click on a filename to see more information on that file, or download by clicking on the "Download" button.

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pdf Bi-Weekly Bulletin: 2019-04-18 ( pdf, 308 KB ) (2 downloads) New
pdf Bi-Weekly Bulletin: 2019-04-04 ( pdf, 318 KB ) (6 downloads)
pdf Bi-Weekly Bulletin: 2019-03-21 ( pdf, 284 KB ) (26 downloads)
pdf Bi-Weekly Bulletin: 2019-03-07 ( pdf, 255 KB ) (6 downloads)
pdf Bi-Weekly Bulletin: 2019-02-21 ( pdf, 380 KB ) (6 downloads)
pdf Bi-Weekly Bulletin: 2019-02-07 ( pdf, 289 KB ) (6 downloads)

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mhca is a results-oriented organization that operates in a fast, flexible, and focused mode. We take pride in the purposeful and productive involvement and participation of our members. Because mhca is composed of members who share common visions and priorities, we are able to quickly determine our objectives, commit the necessary resources, and accomplish our goals.

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