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Member CEO / Center State M&A Activity What Matters Most Top 3 Challenges Interests/ Hobbies  Revenue  Medicaid Structure Experience Potential Peers
 BatesKen 2016 FromTheirSite

Bates, Ken
The Bridge of Central Massachusetts 

MA Yes 1. Size: $83M
2. Vision: Creating partnerships and networks to expand mission
3. Moving to a value-based system 
1. Merger ≠ Founder Transition
2. Medicaid ACO start-up
3. Building partnerships/network
Family time, travel, athletics

10% Medicaid, 80% State, 10% Private pay/ insurance

Moving to ACO model Managed care and ACOs, some at-risk contracting
 DavisCJ 2018

Davis, CJ
Burrell Behavioral Health 

MO   Yes

1. Size
2. Service area
3. Priority services/initiatives


Running and sports      
3778 Johnson, Joel
IL, AL Yes 1. Priority services/initiatives: Primary and behavioral integration.
2. Vision: Empowering individuals, families and communities to improve their health opportunities.
3. Size: $20M.
1. Revenue cycle management.
2. Developing value-based payment structures.
3. Primary and behavioral healthcare integration.
Travel, cigar smoking, reading and swimming       Those interested in FQHC mergers, board relations and inner-city services 
3778  Korbanka, Juergen
Wasatch Mental Health
UT No 1. Priority services/initiatives: Integration, safety net services, Zero Suicide, data-driven decisions.
2. Vision: Fiscally responsible, evidence-based, outcome-focused comprehensive mental health services.
3. Size: $34M.
1. Maintaining independence from ACOs (preserving our carve-out status).
2. Maintaining our employee service provider model versus contacted service provider model.
3. Attempts to consolidate services with statewide administration that would lead to decrease and deterioration of local services.
Running/triathlons, motorcycling, beer brewing, coffee roasting.       CEOs from small to moderate-sized organizations interested in securing a more solid foothold.
3778 Mitchell, Michael
Crisis & Counseling Centers, Inc.
ME Yes 1. Priority services/initiatives: Crisis, OP MH?SA, Corrections, Targeted CM.
2. Size: $8M.
3. Service area: mixed.
1. Refine data collection and reporting
2. Broaden/expand service and catchment
3. Increase ability to accurately identify financial trends and projections
Playing jazz, fly fishing, woodworking      
3778 Nelson, Bill
IL, IA No 1. Size: $30M
2. Priority services/initiatives: BH, SA, DD/ID, employment, residential.
3. Service area: rural.
1. Navigating budget challenges.
2. Developing new sources of revenue and service lines.
3. Collaborating with healthcare, being relevant & marketing to primary care.
Outdoor activities of any kind and cooking.      
3778 Zipple, Tony
Centerstone of Kentucky
KY  Yes

1. Priority services/initiatives: Very front edge addictions services, child/family work, adventurous SMI work
2. Vision: Building health community - one life at a time
3. Size: $150M

1. Managed care
2. Recruitment/ retention of staff
3. Enough cash

Photography, hiking, books and movies      

Sheehan, Antony
South Shore Mental Health

MA Yes

1. Service area: Mixed
2. Vision
3. Priority services/initiatives

Family, Soccer, Running      

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