2018 Winter Conference & Annual Meeting - Clearwater Beach, FL

Member CEOs & Staff, Retired Member CEOs & Invited Guests only can register for FREE.
Approved Vendors: If you have an approved application and have made payment for this conference, you can register.
Interested Vendors: Please contact Glenda Deal at 850-942-4900 for Vendor and Exhibitor opportunities for this conference.

If you would like to exhibit or sponsor at our conferences, we encourage you to visit the following page for more information:  Vendor Information.
 Non-Members: All individuals wishing to register for and attend a conference who are not current mhca Members, invited guests, or approved exhibiting vendors must first contact us at 850-942-4900 to request to attend and then pay a Non-Member Conference Registration Fee of $1,200.00.  After approval of attendance, this fee can be paid online at our Payment Center & Store.
 Retired Member CEOs: In recognition and appreciation of their support of and contributions to mhca, retired CEO's of member organizations may register for mhca conferences free of charge.

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