mhca Welcomes Community Resource Center

BroughtonGeorgianne 2018 HeadshotGeorgianne Broughton Community Resource Center provides programs for the prevention, intervention, and treatment of mental health problems and substance abuse to residents of three rural Illinois counties. CRC is a progressive organization and has created many community partnerships to improve the well-being of individuals of all ages.  They are currently building a school-based mental health system within one of their school districts, and are partnering with the 4th Judicial Circuit, Department of Children and Family Services and city schools to implement a truancy diversion program called Student and Family Education Court.

Executive Director Georgianne Broughton earned her Master of Educational Psychology and Guidance from Eastern Illinois University and has worked at Community Resource Center for more than 25 years. She held numerous positions of increasing responsibility prior to being appointed Executive Director in 2014. She also currently serves as president of the Community Behavioral Health Association of Illinois.

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