Board Member Peggy Chase Wins 2017 Behavioral Health Leadership Award

Peggy Chase Wins Award2   Peggy Chase

Last month, Arizona State University’s Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy, and its Board of Advisors, recognized Terros Health President and CEO, and mhca Board Member, Peggy Chase with the 2017 Behavioral Health Leadership Award. The award was presented at the celebrated Awards Gala, which is part of the Center's annual Summer Institute in Sedona. This prestigious award was designed to honor individuals who have made sustained contributions to the accessibility, availability and effectiveness of behavioral health services in Arizona.

The Center's director Dr. Michael Shafer said, "The work that you do and that you have committed yourself to over these years has made lasting impacts in the lives of countless individuals and families. On behalf of ASU and the Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy, it is a personal pleasure to recognize you with this award."

Congratulations Peggy! 

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